Wide tree-lined avenues, majestic Art Nouveau mansions and well-preserved Art Deco apartment buildings give the exclusive La Condesa neighborhood a distinctive European vibe.


Chic open-air cafes, modern international bistros, and casual tacos complement the area.


La Condesa is the area with the most art deco architecture after Miami. At its heart, the Mexico Park and its Amsterdam belt are examples of this artistic movement that is present in every detail. Emblematic buildings remain and if the visitor is an observer, they will see thousands of details, of this popular style of the 30s, on facades, lampposts, signs and fountains.
It is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the city. You can walk in the morning, visit one of its museums and have breakfast in any of the cafes, which in addition to good espresso serve excellent juices, muffins, omelets and whatever you want. At noon, try restaurants with sandwiches made from organic ingredients or meats, and even Mexican dishes with a special touch. In the afternoon, choose between a tea, a soft drink or a drink.
For shopping you have a thousand options: alternative designer clothes, vintage stores, antiques, art, accessories, bookstores ...
Aesthetics are important here, so the fascinating urban landscape, interior design, art and design are the stars of the neighborhood in vintage furniture stores, in art galleries, in shops and designer studios. It is also present in the decoration of the cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs that you find on any street. In La Condesa, Mexican gastronomy and international cuisine coexist in a bohemian atmosphere. If you want to feel like a real chilango, come to where the city dwellers thrive.
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