The Roma-Condesa corridor is one of the best in terms of sustainable mobility and transport communication, promoting the reduction of car use and care for the environment.


It offers us alternatives such as renting bicycles, electric motorcycles, skateboards and the Metro. The Condesa and Hipódromo Condesa neighborhoods are connected with 4 Ecobici stations and with lines 9 and 1 of the Metro, as well as lines 1 and 2 of the Metrobús.

Este corredor a su vez conecta con diversas colonias, una de ellas la Roma Sur, con acceso a 13 estaciones de Ecobici; cercanía con las estaciones Nuevo León, Chilpancingo, Campeche, Sonora, Álvaro Obregón, Durango e Insurgentes de la línea 1 del Metrobús; así como las estaciones Patriotismo, Chilpancingo y Centro Médico de la línea 9 del Metro.

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Another nearby neighborhood is Roma Norte, which connects with 35 Ecobici stations; the Nuevo León, Chilpancingo, Campeche, Sonora, Álvaro Obregón, Durango and Insurgentes stations on line 1 of the Metrobús; Escandón and Nuevo León on line 2 of the Metrobús. It also has a connection with line 9 of the Metro at Patriotismo, Chilpancingo and Centro Médico stations; as well as with line 1 in Chapultepec, Sevilla and Insurgentes.

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The Del Valle neighborhood is also adjacent to the corridor area, and has a connection of 46 Ecobici stations; Félix Cuevas, Parque Hundido, Ciudad de los Deportes and Colonia Del Valle stations on line 1 of the Metrobús. Likewise, with lines 12 and 3 of the Metro at the Insurgentes Sur and Hospital 20 de Noviembre stations, and Zapata, División del Norte and Eugenia respectively.

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